The Museum of Fine Arts

The Houston Museum of Fine Arts is the largest cultural institution in the Southwest and the second largest art museum in the United States. Located in the Museum District of Houston, Texas, the art museum is the 12th largest art museum in the world based on square footage of gallery space. It contains an amazing collection of artworks from all over the world: Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and beyond. If you visit the museum and look at the art, here are some of the things you might see: A huge collection of modern and contemporary art consisting of over 1,400 objects from 6 different continents.

Photographs from the museum’s 30,000-item collection, covering the entire history of photography from the invention of the camera to the present day. Prints and drawings of works from the Middle Ages to the 21st century – prints, drawings, watercolours, pastels, paintings on paper, art books and graphic matrices. Bayou Bend, a house museum with a large collection of early American decorative arts, including furniture, paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics, glass, metals, and textiles. Rienzi, home museum of European decorative arts, where you will find paintings, furniture, porcelain and beautiful gardens. The Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation, a collection of paintings, works on paper and decorative arts, woodcuts, engravings, lithographs and a cabinet of curiosities. In all, it is an incredible collection of culture, history and humanity, containing almost 70,000 works of art from all ages and all places. Don’t forget to check out this place in Houston too.

You can visit the museum in person, or explore beauty and culture online through the MFAH’s searchable database, or even view a virtual exhibit. The museum also offers various educational programs for children, adults, students, families and all lovers of beauty. MFAH is more than just art. The capital consists of several different buildings and includes two cafes, a cinema, two libraries and two domestic museums of decorative arts. You can stop and listen to a lecture, watch a movie or sometimes see a live performance. When you’re done, stop at one of the cafes for a snack. The Houston Museum of Fine Arts is the oldest art museum in Texas. The current site of the museum was dedicated as an art museum in 1917 and the building opened to the public in 1924 . Since then, the museum has built its art collection from all eras, cultures and places to reach the phenomenal gallery it is today. If you are ever in Houston, don’t miss this amazing beauty. Visit MFAH at 1001 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005. If you are new and need a custom home builder in Houston, call Design Tech Homes today. They will be happy to help you build your dream home. They hope you enjoy your visit to the Houston Art Museum. If you are ever in need of home renovation or repair, click here.


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